Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Minutes 5/4/10

Start: 10:15


Attendance: Grace, Pyar, Peter, Tomas, Leah K, Leah W, Luc, Jen

Reimburse Jen Lowe $50 for chocolate for party? Vote: Yes.

Who is here the whole year?
First Semester?
Second Semester?

Luc nominates himself for Spring secretary. Vote, Yes.
Tomas nominated for secretary in fall. Vote, Yes.
Who wants to be treasury in the Fall? Nomianted, Peter. Vote, Yes.
Co-president nominated Pyar. Vote, Yes.

Our party looked great.

What do we want for next year? A storefront. Continue Educating.

We need people to write grants for us.

End: 10:45