Monday, April 12, 2010

Minutes 4/7/10

Leah, Grace, Tomas, Peter, Lucien, Jenn, Alex, Matt, Bolo, Tommy Chong, Keith Moon

10:16 - Meeting begins

10:17 - Need an official date for "VEGAS STRIP" Party
- Take Decorations from Casino Night

10:20 - Sex Talk tomorrow at 7. Many people can't make it, but it should be

10:21 - People need to get reimbursed for their purchases

10:23 - Pyar and Lucien need to get shirts. ASAP. We got to stop being lazy.

10:24 - Alex and Matt keep talking, preventing me from hearing anything being discussed throughout the meeting.

10:26 - Who's going to Battle of the Bands? No idea how this is related to our party plans.

10:27 - use battle of the bands to find potential acts.

10:28 - Grace was overwhelmed by the party last friday. Alex hates taking champagne

10:30 - We start talking about all the events last weekend. Nobody was at Zombie Prom (Bummer, could have been seriously legit). Something about Beer Pong tables (unrelated)

10:31 - Stealing Brianna's decorations. Done. No more questions.

10:31 - approved $40 to Tomas for previously purchased snacks

10:32 - "You haven't smoked since january?" Leah cuts that conversation off right away to go back to our party checklist. We need: lights, red carpet, strippers, a couple more bands, a couple DJs, we need an official date, Beer, Jungle Juice.

10:33 - Bands to Dance to, not bands to stand to. Remember that.

10:35 - We Have 3,000 condoms that need to be used.

10:37 - We're gonna get this economics research grant funds to pay for condom dispensers on campus.

10:38 - Leah is going insane. She feels she should never be a mother. Our tangents are making her crazy.

10:39 - Next Wednesday, April 14th, Sex Talk, Grove House, 7pm, Condom Demo at the beginning of the sex talk (maybe), GARBO HAS AN AWESOME QUESTION SHE WANTS TO ASK EVERYONE.

10:40 - Leah plans an exodus to her room to pick up condoms.

10:44 - We discovered an awesome FREE CLINIC IN POMONA to take kids for testing. Trip to the clinic (next week?)

10:51 - Postering. We need to do a massive crusade. kill trees, make flyers.

10:52 Grace and Lucien need to make Phat posters, and then (as demanded by Matt) "BLUNTS!!!!!"

10:53 -

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