Monday, April 12, 2010

Minutes 3/31/10

Start: 10:15

Attendance: Peter, Brianna, Xochil, Megan, Tomas, Matt, Alex, Ari, Jen, Pyar, Luc

We need to plan our end of the year party!
Date: May 1st
Who wants to be in charge of lights: Leah Has It, Brianna has lights too and postes yay!, Luc has light too
Who wants to be in charge of keg / go to SAC sunday night at 9pm: Megan
Who wants to start making the flier for the vegas theme: Luc will try / Jen wil work on it
Who wants to look up GoGo girls: TBD on what Chris says. We found a pair who will do an event for $150 - $300.
Suggesting to have it at the Scott Court yard

We need to talk to more schools. Suggest talking to individual classes or setting up tables at lunch, good idea Brianna.

When do we want to have our next Good Sex Safe Sex talk: Next Wed at 7:00, April 9th

We got 2,000 condoms today. WWOO!! Separated condoms and handed them out to members.
We were sent lightly lubricated Crown condoms. Do we want to send them back for the regular lubricated Crown condoms? Vote: Yes send them back. We want regular.

We have a website where u can anonymously request condoms! But its not operating yet, a little more time and it will be.

There is a clinic is Pomona that does free STD testing, for everything, even herpes!
Who can look into Pitzer Vans: nvm we have cars. April 16th tentative date to go to STD clinic.
We will be announcing the dates we will be driving people soon.
Res Live is doing a month long awareness of STDs and is bringing in free HIV testing.

Lucien, we need our shirts! He needs prints, shirts. Luc and Pyar are going to buy shirts this weekend.

End: 10:45

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