Friday, April 30, 2010

Minutes 4/27/10

Attendance: Jen, Grace, Luc, Peter, Liza, Tomas, Leah K, Pyar, Kayla

Start: 10:20

Trouble with the party. Oh No! Do we have the GSC or not?!

We need to put the platforms together.

Where should we put the food, hm?

Set up for the party is at noon.

Res Life came and visited with us. Res Life is also doing healthy sex program on Thursday.

If you can't be there to set up at noon then come at 4.

We need to get the pictures duplicated!

This is becoming so crazy!

End: 11:20

Monday, April 12, 2010

Minutes 4/7/10

Leah, Grace, Tomas, Peter, Lucien, Jenn, Alex, Matt, Bolo, Tommy Chong, Keith Moon

10:16 - Meeting begins

10:17 - Need an official date for "VEGAS STRIP" Party
- Take Decorations from Casino Night

10:20 - Sex Talk tomorrow at 7. Many people can't make it, but it should be

10:21 - People need to get reimbursed for their purchases

10:23 - Pyar and Lucien need to get shirts. ASAP. We got to stop being lazy.

10:24 - Alex and Matt keep talking, preventing me from hearing anything being discussed throughout the meeting.

10:26 - Who's going to Battle of the Bands? No idea how this is related to our party plans.

10:27 - use battle of the bands to find potential acts.

10:28 - Grace was overwhelmed by the party last friday. Alex hates taking champagne

10:30 - We start talking about all the events last weekend. Nobody was at Zombie Prom (Bummer, could have been seriously legit). Something about Beer Pong tables (unrelated)

10:31 - Stealing Brianna's decorations. Done. No more questions.

10:31 - approved $40 to Tomas for previously purchased snacks

10:32 - "You haven't smoked since january?" Leah cuts that conversation off right away to go back to our party checklist. We need: lights, red carpet, strippers, a couple more bands, a couple DJs, we need an official date, Beer, Jungle Juice.

10:33 - Bands to Dance to, not bands to stand to. Remember that.

10:35 - We Have 3,000 condoms that need to be used.

10:37 - We're gonna get this economics research grant funds to pay for condom dispensers on campus.

10:38 - Leah is going insane. She feels she should never be a mother. Our tangents are making her crazy.

10:39 - Next Wednesday, April 14th, Sex Talk, Grove House, 7pm, Condom Demo at the beginning of the sex talk (maybe), GARBO HAS AN AWESOME QUESTION SHE WANTS TO ASK EVERYONE.

10:40 - Leah plans an exodus to her room to pick up condoms.

10:44 - We discovered an awesome FREE CLINIC IN POMONA to take kids for testing. Trip to the clinic (next week?)

10:51 - Postering. We need to do a massive crusade. kill trees, make flyers.

10:52 Grace and Lucien need to make Phat posters, and then (as demanded by Matt) "BLUNTS!!!!!"

10:53 -

Minutes 3/31/10

Start: 10:15

Attendance: Peter, Brianna, Xochil, Megan, Tomas, Matt, Alex, Ari, Jen, Pyar, Luc

We need to plan our end of the year party!
Date: May 1st
Who wants to be in charge of lights: Leah Has It, Brianna has lights too and postes yay!, Luc has light too
Who wants to be in charge of keg / go to SAC sunday night at 9pm: Megan
Who wants to start making the flier for the vegas theme: Luc will try / Jen wil work on it
Who wants to look up GoGo girls: TBD on what Chris says. We found a pair who will do an event for $150 - $300.
Suggesting to have it at the Scott Court yard

We need to talk to more schools. Suggest talking to individual classes or setting up tables at lunch, good idea Brianna.

When do we want to have our next Good Sex Safe Sex talk: Next Wed at 7:00, April 9th

We got 2,000 condoms today. WWOO!! Separated condoms and handed them out to members.
We were sent lightly lubricated Crown condoms. Do we want to send them back for the regular lubricated Crown condoms? Vote: Yes send them back. We want regular.

We have a website where u can anonymously request condoms! But its not operating yet, a little more time and it will be.

There is a clinic is Pomona that does free STD testing, for everything, even herpes!
Who can look into Pitzer Vans: nvm we have cars. April 16th tentative date to go to STD clinic.
We will be announcing the dates we will be driving people soon.
Res Live is doing a month long awareness of STDs and is bringing in free HIV testing.

Lucien, we need our shirts! He needs prints, shirts. Luc and Pyar are going to buy shirts this weekend.

End: 10:45

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Founders of Love (for Free)

Leah Wald

Matt Goldbach

Leah Kahn

Grace Rosenthal