Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 9/15/09

Start: 9:04

Attendance: Leah Kahn, Tova Markowitz, Alexandra Goodman, Luc Unruh, Molly Levine, Matt Bartnof, Jennifer Lowe, Grace Rosenthal, Angela Moore, Pyar Khatri

This meeting was filmed for a media studio project.

Leah will forward the posters to members and we can give our response to it.

Need someone to go to the ASPC office at Pomona so we can be signed up to become a 5-C organization.

Vote, do we want to become a 5-C organization? Yes.

Will apply again for CCCSI grant.

Will start working with high schools.

Pyar, Alex, Grace will help start teaching new people the material.

Need to finish STD display board.

Need to continue to encourage people to get STD testing.

Consider to start doing rides for people who need to go to Planned Parenthood.

Partner with another group and consider doing another party (try to get more 5-C attention)? Vote, Yes.

Have Wendy (the AIDS) presenter do a speech at Benson Auditorium? Vote, Yes.

We want to make this event BIG.

Auditorium will be ready in January.

Give Matt $37 to purchase stickers? Vote, Yes.

Do we wan to continue buying CR, Lucky Boy, Crown, Lifestyle? Vote, Yes. They are good condoms! Use them y'all!

We have dental dams if anyone wants them.

Moya authorized an address for us.

Will start every week sending out emails on must have phone numbers and information on sexual harassment.

Do we want to start doing a showing of the documentary Shelby Knox? Movie on the Mounds? Vote, Yes.

In October.

Wear a helmet every time.

End: 9:46

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