Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 3/9/10

Start at 10:15

Attendance: Pyar, Jen, Megan, Tomas, Leah W, Peter, Luc, Leah K, Xochil, Grace

We have pretty signs for our doors saying we have free condoms. Look for them, they are colorful.

We are still working on our design for our t-shirts.

Do you need condoms for spring break? We have a limited number right now but we will have a lot on THURSDAY! Go to Leah Kahn, Pitzer Hall 305, on Thursday and we will have a ton!

Friday 26th is the showing of Shelby Knox. Come watch it!

Tuesday 23rd is our sex is fun discussion will be at the second floor of the grove house at 7pm. Luc is making flyers for the event.

Wendy is hopefully coming on the 27th to teach us about HIV/AIDS.

We have been asked to donate condoms to a party on April 9th. We will donate condoms as long as they are protected when distributed.

We are still trying to do safe sex talks at middle and high schools.

We are assigning jobs for our party at the beginning of May. We want to get professional dancers. Buy a condom costume (if bought Jennifer Lowe will be struttin it!)? We need decorations. It is called The Vegas Strip! We need DJs and rappers.

End: 11:05

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