Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 3/1/10

Start: 5:35

Attendance: Alex, Luc, Grace, Peter, Megan, Xochil, Tomas, Jen, Leah, Pyar, Garbo, Matty G, Liza

We need a different time and date to have our Sex is Fun discussion. We will do it March 23rd. Grove House. 2nd floor. 7pm.

Grillmasters, will you cook for us on the 26th?

We need to go to the 99 cents store to buy shirts. Allocate $50 to buy shirts? Vote, yes.

We need to write up a two page proposal to be able to use the closet in the 3rd floor mead rec room.

We are going to try to get Wendy to come here this Sunday to teach us about HIV/AIDS.

We are low on condoms. No worries more are coming.

Girl talk, we are still waiting for clearance to work with them.

We want to start talking to schools about us giving presentations on safe sex. Everyone start looking up phone numbers for school.

Q&A are going to allocate us the $36 from last semester for the condoms we bought them.

We are now meeting 10:15pm on Tuesday in 3rd floor Mead rec room.

End: 6:02

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