Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 2/8/10

Start: 5:30

Attendance: Leah W, Pyar, Tomas, Jen, Grace, Alex, Megan, Leah K, Xochil, Luc, Sarah

March 26 we will be showing a documentary

We have free Sweetheart Condoms for Your Sweetheart! Come get some!

We found a person to make a web page for us! How much should we pay her? We are offering her $60. Email with pics and info about Love (For Free).

We are ordering more Crown and Sweetheart Condoms. Allocating $150 to Leah for condoms.

We are trying to get the Toy Box to sponsor us.

We need pregnancy tests and monostats. Allocating $40 to Alex to get pregnancy test and monostats.

Allocating $80 to Pyar for toys.


Meeting at 5:30 on Thursday to continue the sexual assault awareness emails.

End: 5:54

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