Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 2/22/10

Start: 5:30

Attendance: Luc, Peter, Megan, Xochil, Tomas, Grace, Pyar, Leah K, Jen, Liza, Leah W

Luc's number 323 459 9261, call him for shirts

We are using the third floor Mead rec room again.

Condom cases are still in the speaker closet. Problem.

Ordering more condoms: Crowne and Sweethearts.

Matt G, we need the condom cases!

We have a band for the Rubberball Event in May.

Allocate $15 to Sylvie Froncek for our website. Yes!

We bought more bowls for the condoms. DON'T TAKE THEM!

Thursday March 4th, 2nd floor of grove house, 7pm come talk about GOOD OLD FASHIONED FUN SEX! Not just safe sex, but good sex too! Beverages will be served.

26th of March we are showing Shelby Know on the mounds.

End: 6:07

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