Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 1/25/10

Start: 9:00

Attendance: Leah, Leah, Liza, Luc, Alex, Pyar, Peter, Tomas, Jen, Grace, Megan, Xochio

We will be at the college fair on Thursday!

We need to get candy to give out with condoms.

Does someone want to make us a website? We would appreciate it.

We are making robot Love (for free) t-shirts.

We have pregnancy tests available. See Leah Kahn if you need one.

We have extra large condoms, but ask a Love (for free) member, they will not be in the bowls.

If you need a ride to Planned Parenthood contact a love (for free) member. You must make an appointment with planned parenthood because they are busy.

We still want to make a Sex Ed video.

Wendy is coming the 19th of Feb. She will be doing a presentation on HIV/AIDS. Save the date.

We will be playing the documentary The Education of Shelby Know. Inside or outside? That will be determined by the weather. Temporary date to play film is the weekend of March 26.

End: 9:40

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