Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 12/1/09

Attendance: Matt G, Alex Goodman, Liza Baskir, Jennifer Lowe, Grace Rosenthal, Pyar, Leah Kahn

Start: 9:14

Toga/Auction Party, this Friday, Holden Court Yard

Leah is going to give everyone flyers to put up about the party this friday

SAC will do the keg

We will do snack wagon during finals week

We are doing well on our stock of condoms, dental dams, and lube

Party, tell people about it!

Giving away free, reusable condom cases to the first 50 people that come to the party

People are asking for more / more expensive resources, we need to reconsider our budget

Set-up for party is at 8, please come help if you can

Approve reimbursing Leah for $8.49 for pregnancy test and $56.00 for pregnancy tests> Vote, Yes.

End: 9:39

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