Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 11/23/09

Start: 9:06

Attendance: Matt Bartnof, Alex Goodman, Katie Ginsburg, Tomas Andreani, Jennifer Lowe, Peter Venderhoft, Leah Kahn, Pyar Khatri

Consent is Sexy was fabulous!

We need a name for our Sophomore/Love (for free) party. Between the Sheets!!! Yay Luc.

We need volunteers for Between the Sheets.

We need to do snack wagon.

Matthew cannot make us labels anymore, so the rest of the group needs to learn.

The first 50 people who come to Between the Sheets will get a free, hard, reusable, condom case!

We want love (for free) shirts!

Going to make errands to adult stores to see if they will donate supplies to us for more raffles.

Go 5-C? Lets work on Pitzer first, and go 5-C next year.

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