Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 11/17/09

Start: 9:03

Attendance: Pyar, Peter, Tomas, Matty G, Grace, Liza, Leah Kahn, Catelyn, Lucien, Alex G, Danielle, Katie Ginsburg


Thursday: Consent is Sexy! 3-5 pm. At the mounds. Leah, Pyar, and Luc will be there at 3, everyone else get there asap!

Consider doing a Snack Cart in PAS halls to raise food for the Sophomore/Love (for free) party

Love (for free) wants to talk to Annie about how we will use the money for the party

Suggestions for name of party Sophomore/Love (for free) party? It is a toga theme auction.

We put Love (for free) stickers on condoms

We need to give Q & A their condoms and get paid back for them

End: 9:28

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