Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 10/6/09

Start: 9:00

Attendance: Katie Ginsburg, Grace Rosenthal, Matt G., Thomas Andreani, Leah Kahn, Brittany Fair, Alex Goodman, Olivia Werby, Liza Baskir, Jennifer Lowe, Pyar Khatri

Pay Jennifer Lowe back for plastic bowls to go in public areas that hold condoms? Vote: Yes.

Make a really short survey, survey monkey, put it on student talk, label it "Pitzer College Student Survey." Survey will be on sexual assault awareness. Reviewed survey to make corrections.

Discussed more about collaboration with FemCo, LSU, BSU for Ocotber being sexual assault awareness month.

"Consent to Sexy" Oct 23

We want to get Wendy (the AIDS presenter) out her to do a presentation.

Our posters are being 5-C approved.

Still talking to high schools about doing presentations.

Divided up curriculum for presentation.

Talk of building a sexual health clinic. yay.

End: 10:15

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