Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 10/13/09

Start: 9:02

Attendance: Matt, Jordan, Olivia, Liza, Tomas, Max, Lucien, Katie, Alex, Matt, Peter, Leah, Pyar

Rearrange furniture in Mead living room

23rd is the presentation, know your material by then! Be there at 3.

Thursday the 22nd, meet at McConnell. Do a presentation for the group on your material. If you can stay, stay and decorate posters for Friday.

Need to write a constitution so we can become a 5C club.

Discussed with Mead Hall Council using the Mead living room on the floor as our new meeting location, and possibly more.

Next meeting will be Thursday the 22nd at McConnell, not next Tuesday because of Fall Break. Come to our meeting, join, get free condoms/dental dams/lube.

End: 10:05

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