Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Minutes 5/4/10

Start: 10:15


Attendance: Grace, Pyar, Peter, Tomas, Leah K, Leah W, Luc, Jen

Reimburse Jen Lowe $50 for chocolate for party? Vote: Yes.

Who is here the whole year?
First Semester?
Second Semester?

Luc nominates himself for Spring secretary. Vote, Yes.
Tomas nominated for secretary in fall. Vote, Yes.
Who wants to be treasury in the Fall? Nomianted, Peter. Vote, Yes.
Co-president nominated Pyar. Vote, Yes.

Our party looked great.

What do we want for next year? A storefront. Continue Educating.

We need people to write grants for us.

End: 10:45

Friday, April 30, 2010

Minutes 4/27/10

Attendance: Jen, Grace, Luc, Peter, Liza, Tomas, Leah K, Pyar, Kayla

Start: 10:20

Trouble with the party. Oh No! Do we have the GSC or not?!

We need to put the platforms together.

Where should we put the food, hm?

Set up for the party is at noon.

Res Life came and visited with us. Res Life is also doing healthy sex program on Thursday.

If you can't be there to set up at noon then come at 4.

We need to get the pictures duplicated!

This is becoming so crazy!

End: 11:20

Monday, April 12, 2010

Minutes 4/7/10

Leah, Grace, Tomas, Peter, Lucien, Jenn, Alex, Matt, Bolo, Tommy Chong, Keith Moon

10:16 - Meeting begins

10:17 - Need an official date for "VEGAS STRIP" Party
- Take Decorations from Casino Night

10:20 - Sex Talk tomorrow at 7. Many people can't make it, but it should be

10:21 - People need to get reimbursed for their purchases

10:23 - Pyar and Lucien need to get shirts. ASAP. We got to stop being lazy.

10:24 - Alex and Matt keep talking, preventing me from hearing anything being discussed throughout the meeting.

10:26 - Who's going to Battle of the Bands? No idea how this is related to our party plans.

10:27 - use battle of the bands to find potential acts.

10:28 - Grace was overwhelmed by the party last friday. Alex hates taking champagne

10:30 - We start talking about all the events last weekend. Nobody was at Zombie Prom (Bummer, could have been seriously legit). Something about Beer Pong tables (unrelated)

10:31 - Stealing Brianna's decorations. Done. No more questions.

10:31 - approved $40 to Tomas for previously purchased snacks

10:32 - "You haven't smoked since january?" Leah cuts that conversation off right away to go back to our party checklist. We need: lights, red carpet, strippers, a couple more bands, a couple DJs, we need an official date, Beer, Jungle Juice.

10:33 - Bands to Dance to, not bands to stand to. Remember that.

10:35 - We Have 3,000 condoms that need to be used.

10:37 - We're gonna get this economics research grant funds to pay for condom dispensers on campus.

10:38 - Leah is going insane. She feels she should never be a mother. Our tangents are making her crazy.

10:39 - Next Wednesday, April 14th, Sex Talk, Grove House, 7pm, Condom Demo at the beginning of the sex talk (maybe), GARBO HAS AN AWESOME QUESTION SHE WANTS TO ASK EVERYONE.

10:40 - Leah plans an exodus to her room to pick up condoms.

10:44 - We discovered an awesome FREE CLINIC IN POMONA to take kids for testing. Trip to the clinic (next week?)

10:51 - Postering. We need to do a massive crusade. kill trees, make flyers.

10:52 Grace and Lucien need to make Phat posters, and then (as demanded by Matt) "BLUNTS!!!!!"

10:53 -

Minutes 3/31/10

Start: 10:15

Attendance: Peter, Brianna, Xochil, Megan, Tomas, Matt, Alex, Ari, Jen, Pyar, Luc

We need to plan our end of the year party!
Date: May 1st
Who wants to be in charge of lights: Leah Has It, Brianna has lights too and postes yay!, Luc has light too
Who wants to be in charge of keg / go to SAC sunday night at 9pm: Megan
Who wants to start making the flier for the vegas theme: Luc will try / Jen wil work on it
Who wants to look up GoGo girls: TBD on what Chris says. We found a pair who will do an event for $150 - $300.
Suggesting to have it at the Scott Court yard

We need to talk to more schools. Suggest talking to individual classes or setting up tables at lunch, good idea Brianna.

When do we want to have our next Good Sex Safe Sex talk: Next Wed at 7:00, April 9th

We got 2,000 condoms today. WWOO!! Separated condoms and handed them out to members.
We were sent lightly lubricated Crown condoms. Do we want to send them back for the regular lubricated Crown condoms? Vote: Yes send them back. We want regular.

We have a website where u can anonymously request condoms! But its not operating yet, a little more time and it will be.

There is a clinic is Pomona that does free STD testing, for everything, even herpes!
Who can look into Pitzer Vans: nvm we have cars. April 16th tentative date to go to STD clinic.
We will be announcing the dates we will be driving people soon.
Res Live is doing a month long awareness of STDs and is bringing in free HIV testing.

Lucien, we need our shirts! He needs prints, shirts. Luc and Pyar are going to buy shirts this weekend.

End: 10:45

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Founders of Love (for Free)

Leah Wald

Matt Goldbach

Leah Kahn

Grace Rosenthal

Friday, March 26, 2010

Minutes 3/23/10

Attendance: Jen, Tomas, Pyar, Peter, Megan, Liza, Leah K

Start: 10:15

The Sex is Fun talk went awesome! We will be having another one next Wednesday at 7:30 at the Grove House.

This Friday we are showing Shelby Knox on the mounds! There will be food! At 7:30!

Luc is taking care of the projector.

Please donate a meal to us! We want to give you food at the event on Friday but we need your extra meals, please :- )

End: 10:31

Minutes 3/9/10

Start at 10:15

Attendance: Pyar, Jen, Megan, Tomas, Leah W, Peter, Luc, Leah K, Xochil, Grace

We have pretty signs for our doors saying we have free condoms. Look for them, they are colorful.

We are still working on our design for our t-shirts.

Do you need condoms for spring break? We have a limited number right now but we will have a lot on THURSDAY! Go to Leah Kahn, Pitzer Hall 305, on Thursday and we will have a ton!

Friday 26th is the showing of Shelby Knox. Come watch it!

Tuesday 23rd is our sex is fun discussion will be at the second floor of the grove house at 7pm. Luc is making flyers for the event.

Wendy is hopefully coming on the 27th to teach us about HIV/AIDS.

We have been asked to donate condoms to a party on April 9th. We will donate condoms as long as they are protected when distributed.

We are still trying to do safe sex talks at middle and high schools.

We are assigning jobs for our party at the beginning of May. We want to get professional dancers. Buy a condom costume (if bought Jennifer Lowe will be struttin it!)? We need decorations. It is called The Vegas Strip! We need DJs and rappers.

End: 11:05

Minutes 3/1/10

Start: 5:35

Attendance: Alex, Luc, Grace, Peter, Megan, Xochil, Tomas, Jen, Leah, Pyar, Garbo, Matty G, Liza

We need a different time and date to have our Sex is Fun discussion. We will do it March 23rd. Grove House. 2nd floor. 7pm.

Grillmasters, will you cook for us on the 26th?

We need to go to the 99 cents store to buy shirts. Allocate $50 to buy shirts? Vote, yes.

We need to write up a two page proposal to be able to use the closet in the 3rd floor mead rec room.

We are going to try to get Wendy to come here this Sunday to teach us about HIV/AIDS.

We are low on condoms. No worries more are coming.

Girl talk, we are still waiting for clearance to work with them.

We want to start talking to schools about us giving presentations on safe sex. Everyone start looking up phone numbers for school.

Q&A are going to allocate us the $36 from last semester for the condoms we bought them.

We are now meeting 10:15pm on Tuesday in 3rd floor Mead rec room.

End: 6:02

Minutes 2/22/10

Start: 5:30

Attendance: Luc, Peter, Megan, Xochil, Tomas, Grace, Pyar, Leah K, Jen, Liza, Leah W

Luc's number 323 459 9261, call him for shirts

We are using the third floor Mead rec room again.

Condom cases are still in the speaker closet. Problem.

Ordering more condoms: Crowne and Sweethearts.

Matt G, we need the condom cases!

We have a band for the Rubberball Event in May.

Allocate $15 to Sylvie Froncek for our website. Yes!

We bought more bowls for the condoms. DON'T TAKE THEM!

Thursday March 4th, 2nd floor of grove house, 7pm come talk about GOOD OLD FASHIONED FUN SEX! Not just safe sex, but good sex too! Beverages will be served.

26th of March we are showing Shelby Know on the mounds.

End: 6:07

Minutes 2/15/10

Start: 5:39

Attendance: Jen, Grace, Xochil, Matty G, Leah K, Pyar, Peter, Megan, Chris, Luc, Tomas, Maggie, Leah W, Ben C

Chris is here for a budget request. He is requesting $50 to fund an event at 9:00pm, Friday, Feb 26th. The documentary is on "bicycle pornography." We are giving $50 for the event.

If The Bowls are Empty, Go to These People and They Will Have Condoms, and Please Tell Them the Bowl is Empty

Jen, Y100, Mead

Luc, A303, Atherton Hall

Tomas, C109, East Sanborn

Alexandra, Second Floor K Hall, Holden (specific room number will be in next week's minutes)

Leah, D305, Pitzer Hall

Jen talked to Milan about Girl Talk and we want to go with her to talk with the girls of the Girl Talk Program.

Hopefully we can work with PsychClub to create the peer counseling program/sexual assault resource

Wendy will (hopefully) come and teach us on Feb 27th at 2:30-5:30. If you want to learn how to become a AIDS Peer Educator contact Leah Kahn.

We have signs being made for the doors so every Love (for free) member has the same sign on their door.


Ben proposed that we assist protesting CVS since they are locking up condoms and birth control.

End: 6:02

Minutes 2/8/10

Start: 5:30

Attendance: Leah W, Pyar, Tomas, Jen, Grace, Alex, Megan, Leah K, Xochil, Luc, Sarah

March 26 we will be showing a documentary

We have free Sweetheart Condoms for Your Sweetheart! Come get some!

We found a person to make a web page for us! How much should we pay her? We are offering her $60. Email with pics and info about Love (For Free).

We are ordering more Crown and Sweetheart Condoms. Allocating $150 to Leah for condoms.

We are trying to get the Toy Box to sponsor us.

We need pregnancy tests and monostats. Allocating $40 to Alex to get pregnancy test and monostats.

Allocating $80 to Pyar for toys.


Meeting at 5:30 on Thursday to continue the sexual assault awareness emails.

End: 5:54

Minutes 1/25/10

Start: 9:00

Attendance: Leah, Leah, Liza, Luc, Alex, Pyar, Peter, Tomas, Jen, Grace, Megan, Xochio

We will be at the college fair on Thursday!

We need to get candy to give out with condoms.

Does someone want to make us a website? We would appreciate it.

We are making robot Love (for free) t-shirts.

We have pregnancy tests available. See Leah Kahn if you need one.

We have extra large condoms, but ask a Love (for free) member, they will not be in the bowls.

If you need a ride to Planned Parenthood contact a love (for free) member. You must make an appointment with planned parenthood because they are busy.

We still want to make a Sex Ed video.

Wendy is coming the 19th of Feb. She will be doing a presentation on HIV/AIDS. Save the date.

We will be playing the documentary The Education of Shelby Know. Inside or outside? That will be determined by the weather. Temporary date to play film is the weekend of March 26.

End: 9:40

Minutes 12/8/09

Start: 9:04

Attendance: Leah, Peter, Matty, Luc, Jen, Pyar, Grace, Tomas

Party was a hit


Wendy is coming at the beginning of next semester

Brain stormed for our party next semester

email if you want condoms in your mailbox

End: 9:33

Minutes 12/1/09

Attendance: Matt G, Alex Goodman, Liza Baskir, Jennifer Lowe, Grace Rosenthal, Pyar, Leah Kahn

Start: 9:14

Toga/Auction Party, this Friday, Holden Court Yard

Leah is going to give everyone flyers to put up about the party this friday

SAC will do the keg

We will do snack wagon during finals week

We are doing well on our stock of condoms, dental dams, and lube

Party, tell people about it!

Giving away free, reusable condom cases to the first 50 people that come to the party

People are asking for more / more expensive resources, we need to reconsider our budget

Set-up for party is at 8, please come help if you can

Approve reimbursing Leah for $8.49 for pregnancy test and $56.00 for pregnancy tests> Vote, Yes.

End: 9:39

Minutes 11/23/09

Start: 9:06

Attendance: Matt Bartnof, Alex Goodman, Katie Ginsburg, Tomas Andreani, Jennifer Lowe, Peter Venderhoft, Leah Kahn, Pyar Khatri

Consent is Sexy was fabulous!

We need a name for our Sophomore/Love (for free) party. Between the Sheets!!! Yay Luc.

We need volunteers for Between the Sheets.

We need to do snack wagon.

Matthew cannot make us labels anymore, so the rest of the group needs to learn.

The first 50 people who come to Between the Sheets will get a free, hard, reusable, condom case!

We want love (for free) shirts!

Going to make errands to adult stores to see if they will donate supplies to us for more raffles.

Go 5-C? Lets work on Pitzer first, and go 5-C next year.

Minutes 11/17/09

Start: 9:03

Attendance: Pyar, Peter, Tomas, Matty G, Grace, Liza, Leah Kahn, Catelyn, Lucien, Alex G, Danielle, Katie Ginsburg


Thursday: Consent is Sexy! 3-5 pm. At the mounds. Leah, Pyar, and Luc will be there at 3, everyone else get there asap!

Consider doing a Snack Cart in PAS halls to raise food for the Sophomore/Love (for free) party

Love (for free) wants to talk to Annie about how we will use the money for the party

Suggestions for name of party Sophomore/Love (for free) party? It is a toga theme auction.

We put Love (for free) stickers on condoms

We need to give Q & A their condoms and get paid back for them

End: 9:28

Minutes 11/10/09

Start: 9:00

Attendance: Leah, Alex, Matt, Peter, Grace, Liza, Tomas, Lindsey,

Put labels on new batch of condoms.

Want to throw an AIDS Awareness Party with Hold Hall. We moved our meeting to this meeting at 9:30. Tentative date: Weekend after Thanksgiving

9:30, went to AIDS Awareness meeting in Holden Living Room

The party will be a Roman Style Auction, will be in Hold Courtyard

End: 9:47

Minutes 10/27/09

Start 9:09

Attendance: Alex Goodman, Lucien Unruh, Liza Baskir, Jennifer Lowe, Tomas Andreani, Grace Rosenthal, Peter Vanderhooft, Matty G, Katie Ginsburg, Pyar Khatri

Where should we put the condom bowls? Male/Female Bathrooms near Marquis. Next to study room on main floor in Holden. Laundry Rooms in Holden. In the 3rd floor living room Mead. Laundry Room in Atherton Hall, Pitzer Hall, Sanborn.

Want to get Magnum condoms.

Get rainbow condoms, Q&A will reimburse us.

Should we get Crowns or Luckyboys? Have heard stories of Luckyboy breaking, so we will buy more Crown.

Luc is making a condom dispenser.

New Avery renovation will not be ready until March. So we can't have the big presentation with Wendy. Rescheduling to do in first couple of weeks of second semester. CCCSI will make us flyers. We will get food and drinks for people.


Someone needs to talk to P.R. so our name on the website is a link and goes to our website. Grace will do it.

Need someone to print flyers so we can put them in the mailboxes so people can anonymously request condoms again via mail.

Give Matt $20 for flyers? Vote, Yes.

Need to become a 5C club.

Do we want a booth at Reggae Fest? Yes.

Need to make a run to buy supplies. When? Sunday, 3pm.

End 9:40

Minutes 10/13/09

Start: 9:02

Attendance: Matt, Jordan, Olivia, Liza, Tomas, Max, Lucien, Katie, Alex, Matt, Peter, Leah, Pyar

Rearrange furniture in Mead living room

23rd is the presentation, know your material by then! Be there at 3.

Thursday the 22nd, meet at McConnell. Do a presentation for the group on your material. If you can stay, stay and decorate posters for Friday.

Need to write a constitution so we can become a 5C club.

Discussed with Mead Hall Council using the Mead living room on the floor as our new meeting location, and possibly more.

Next meeting will be Thursday the 22nd at McConnell, not next Tuesday because of Fall Break. Come to our meeting, join, get free condoms/dental dams/lube.

End: 10:05

Minutes 10/6/09

Start: 9:00

Attendance: Katie Ginsburg, Grace Rosenthal, Matt G., Thomas Andreani, Leah Kahn, Brittany Fair, Alex Goodman, Olivia Werby, Liza Baskir, Jennifer Lowe, Pyar Khatri

Pay Jennifer Lowe back for plastic bowls to go in public areas that hold condoms? Vote: Yes.

Make a really short survey, survey monkey, put it on student talk, label it "Pitzer College Student Survey." Survey will be on sexual assault awareness. Reviewed survey to make corrections.

Discussed more about collaboration with FemCo, LSU, BSU for Ocotber being sexual assault awareness month.

"Consent to Sexy" Oct 23

We want to get Wendy (the AIDS presenter) out her to do a presentation.

Our posters are being 5-C approved.

Still talking to high schools about doing presentations.

Divided up curriculum for presentation.

Talk of building a sexual health clinic. yay.

End: 10:15

Minutes 9/22/09

Start: 9:05

Attendance: Jessica Grey, Grace Rosenthal, Alexandra Goodman, Katie Ginsburg, Liza Baskir, Matthew Goldbach, Sylvie Froncek, Lucien Unurh, Brittany Fair, Sa Upadgyal, Pyar Khatri

(when you sign into attendance, please write your name so I can read it!)

New Location is Mead Living Room

BSU, LSU, FemCo, and Love for Free want to join together and do a presentation for the month of october (which is domestic violence awareness month). Plan a single day to join groups together, possibility.

Do we approve the Love (for Free) poster? Vote, Yes but with edits.

Do we want condom dispensers in the bathrooms? Vote, yes.

Until we get the condom dispensers, do we want to put bowls of condoms in common areas? Vote, yes.

This semester want a website to be made.

This semester want to make a Sex Ed video.


End: 9:52

Minutes 9/15/09

Start: 9:04

Attendance: Leah Kahn, Tova Markowitz, Alexandra Goodman, Luc Unruh, Molly Levine, Matt Bartnof, Jennifer Lowe, Grace Rosenthal, Angela Moore, Pyar Khatri

This meeting was filmed for a media studio project.

Leah will forward the posters to members and we can give our response to it.

Need someone to go to the ASPC office at Pomona so we can be signed up to become a 5-C organization.

Vote, do we want to become a 5-C organization? Yes.

Will apply again for CCCSI grant.

Will start working with high schools.

Pyar, Alex, Grace will help start teaching new people the material.

Need to finish STD display board.

Need to continue to encourage people to get STD testing.

Consider to start doing rides for people who need to go to Planned Parenthood.

Partner with another group and consider doing another party (try to get more 5-C attention)? Vote, Yes.

Have Wendy (the AIDS) presenter do a speech at Benson Auditorium? Vote, Yes.

We want to make this event BIG.

Auditorium will be ready in January.

Give Matt $37 to purchase stickers? Vote, Yes.

Do we wan to continue buying CR, Lucky Boy, Crown, Lifestyle? Vote, Yes. They are good condoms! Use them y'all!

We have dental dams if anyone wants them.

Moya authorized an address for us.

Will start every week sending out emails on must have phone numbers and information on sexual harassment.

Do we want to start doing a showing of the documentary Shelby Knox? Movie on the Mounds? Vote, Yes.

In October.

Wear a helmet every time.

End: 9:46